Mice Ballet School  

The play set comprise of a pink satin carry case which as you can see is the shape of a Ballet School, this opens up to reveal a ballet room (complete with ballet bar and mirror), four ballet mouse students with their own satin dress-up skirts for performances, a ballet teacher with her own handbag and a musical cushion stage ~ plays twinkle star, for the dancers to perform on.
 Price: £25




Enchanted Castle  

This gorgeous musical castle will provide hours of imaginative play! This castle contains a king, queen, 2 princesses and a baby princess with a dummy! Two fluffy thrones and a four poster bed are also included in this popular zip-up play set! 






 Poodle boutique

This gorgeous pink poodle set has a fluffy pink poodle that says ‘I love you’ It comes with its own zip-up glittery pink kennel, removable wings, a net skirt and a hot pink fluffy cape and a jewel encrusted leash. Also 2 little poodle puppies with bows in their hair!  


Gorgeous Lucy Locket Pink bear with fairy dress up.

All clothes and halo are removable. Bear measures 30cm

Price £12.99



Milly is the pinkiest cat you will ever know, she is so pretty and pink, the 'Milly' logo is on her back paw, she has a pink sparkly nose and is so soft and fluffy. She measures approx 7"  

Price: £4.99 



Jazzy is a very soft lion with a lovely long orange mane any lion king would be proud of, the end of his tail matches his mane. Measures approx 5"

 Price £4.99







Flopsie the Unicorn is so pretty with magical sparkly hooves and a gold horn, she has a beautiful pink rose on her neck and a fluffy white tail, so soft and snuggly.



Smart Alec is a very cheeky monkey, he is soft and cuddly. He has a little tuft of hair on the top of his head. Measures Approx 12"

 Price: £4.99





 Magnetic Safari Theatre

Lovely Magnetic animal theatre. A 'stage' you piece together with 2 different scenes together, magnetic animals ~ 2 of each (zebra x2, lion x2, elephant x2, giraffe x2) and 2 magnetic puppet movers which you use by placing the magnetic part of the mover under the stage to control the magnetised animals. Box size 33 x 20.5 x 3.5cm. Ages 3+.   

Price: £9.99



50 Piece wooden Village 

Absolute quality set of 50 wooden play pieces, containing buildings, walls, towers, bridge etc. Children will love using their imaginations to create village scenes. This quaint little wooden village play set comes with its own little net bag for storage. Village church measures 7.75cm. Suitable for ages 4+ due to small parts

Price: £5.95